• IRM – Istanbul Risk Management


    IRM is a business risk consultancy specialising in business intelligence, due diligence and corporate investigations particularly in Turkey but also across South-eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East.

  • IRM's Our mission statement


    Our intention is to consolidate our performance and abilities, offering clients in our region a more compelling and more transparent service than any other available.

Independent local intelligence


Companies rely on IRM to enable investment and protect it from risk.

IRM is a small and responsive intelligence firm. We operate mainly in opaque developing markets where other risk-consulting firms have no direct presence. We grew from our expertise in Turkey, the Balkans, Central Asia and the Middle East. We apply around the world what we learned from these environments.

Our services include:

  • Due diligence, reputational surveys and background checks
  • Dispute resolution and litigation support

Our business intelligence and analysis protect investments and reputations from risk. IRM has the local knowledge, experience and resources to conduct discreet investigations in all sectors.

We pre-empt dispute by letting clients anticipate and plan for it. But if there is already a problem, we gather the information and evidence to help clients resolve it effectively, whether through negotiation or litigation, and enforce a settlement.

We are proud of the relationships of trust we have built with many of the largest and most diligent corporate investors. As well as some of the world’s best banks, investment funds and corporations, our long-standing clients include leading law firms, other risk advisories and businesses of all kinds and sizes with an interest in the region.



What we do

We provide our clients with hard-to-reach information and intelligence. They use it to initiate good commercial relationships, resolve disputes, recover funds, preserve reputation and protect investments.

We regularly use:

Well-informed individuals in the subjects’ commercial and social environments

Former or current business partners, colleagues, advisors, clients and creditors of the subjects

Sources in the employ or circle of the subjects’ partners, advisors, clients, creditors, service providers and facilitators

Official and informal consultation with government departments and agencies

Local media reports and a wide variety of documentary sources

Due diligence and reputational surveys

Before entering a trading or credit relationship, or making an investment, it is clearly essential to know with whom you are dealing – their abilities, associations, practices and background. This is even more pressing when operating in emerging markets or otherwise opaque environments. We help clients as discretely, creatively and exhaustively as possible. We say what we know, what we think and assume, and what we have concluded – and are always clear to distinguish between them.

Whether screening local executive candidates or identifying the reputation, associations and sources of wealth of a major consortium partner, we can access the best-placed sources to reassure the client that their future partner is of high integrity, or alert the client if they are not.


Dispute resolution and litigation support

IRM has supplied intelligence and evidence in high-profile and low-profile cases that has been crucial for companies, creditors and litigators engaged in dispute.

The information we seek for our clients must be of practical value. We understand that information, depending on form, provenance and acquisition, be it documentary, informal or sworn testimony, should be usable in some or all of the following ways:

  • As leverage in negotiation
  • As submission to court
  • As signal of what formal applications might be made
  • As credible sworn testimony
  • As expert opinion
  • As intelligence of further information sources